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Kurdish Music Sites, Links and sources
  • Youtube.com, Kurdish Music
  • kamkars.net
  • Chia.se
  • kurdland.com
  • Kale ateshi
  • Peker.dk
  • morad.net
  • nefel.com
  • Hassan Zirak
  • Ciwan Haco
  • Suzana Barmani
  • Dilo Banmili
  • Khaniqeen
  • Hejar Duhoki
  • Dastan
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    Kurdish Music
    Traditionally, there are three types of Kurdish Classical performers - storytellers, minstrels and bards. There was no specific music related to the Kurdish princely courts, and instead, music performed in night gatherings is considered classical. Several musical forms are found in this genre. Many songs and are epic in nature, such as the popular Lawiks which are heroic ballads recounting the tales of Kurdish heroes of the past like Saladin. Heyrans are love ballads usually expressing the melancholy of separation and unfulfilled love. Lawje is a form of religious music and Payizoks are songs performed specifically in autumn. Love songs, dance music, wedding and other celebratory songs, erotic poetry and work songs are also popular....read more on wikipedia.org

    Yahoo Kurdish Music Group

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