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kakayi kakayi
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A Kurdish artist and calligrapher Kakayi was born in southern Kurdistan (Kirkuk) and his first steps began from there. He is a gifted painter and student of free graphic as well as a master calligrapher trained (by Mohammed Izzat Kerkuki † 1991) in many different classical styles of calligraphy. He held exhibitions in his country since 1981 but had to leave Iraq during the (Iran-Iraq) war. Since 1988 he is living in Europe (Belgium), taking part in national and international exhibitions. On this page you can view some of his creative art works (painting, etching, calligraphy & photography). You are most welcome.
Birthplace: Kirkuk - Kurdistan
Email: hkakayi AT gmail.com
Website: www.freewebs.com/kakayiart
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CV kakayi :

KAKAYI Born in kirkuk at 1st sept 1959 (Iraqi kurdistan)
His most important artist activeties:

.1982 first personal exhibition in the (gallery of kirkuk for modern arts- kurdistan
.1983 solo exhibition in kirkuk gallery of arts-iraqi kurdistan.
.1983 participated inthe exhibition (artists from kirkuk) in the museum of sulaymaniya.
.1984 exhibition with 2 another artists( Gara-r & béston-abdulqadir)in kotal-iraqi kurdistan.
.1984 exhibition in the fistival of newroz in sordash- kurdistan.
He lives in Belgium since 1988
He study at the acadimi of fine Arts (free graphic) Ghent-Belgium.
.20may1989 personalewhibitionin the youth house (de bogaart) Geel- Belgium.
.17june1989 personal exhibition in the church of (de goede bijstand)-brussels.belgium.
.20october 1989 solo exhibition in (the maansteentje)-Geel-Belgium.
.25 november1989 participated in the exhibition (20 jaar wereldwijd-sluit niet de stoorm af) in oostmalle - Belgium.
.15 February 1990 solo exhibition (a nation with out homland) in the hart-instituut-heverlee-leuven - be.
.30 November 1990 partecipated in the exhibition (kurdish artists in Europa) in pavillon de flore - luik-be.
.16 march 1991 exhibition in the (pax christi) Antwerp-belgium.
.30 march 1991 personal exhibition in (het bieke)- Moldonk.be.
. 9 Sept -9 October 1993 exhibetion with sadreldeen amin in (raadskelder) Sluis - nl.
.15 April 1995 participated with 11 other Belgium artists in the galliry (de Queest) loker-heuvelland.be.
.16 December 1995 participated in the exhibition (kunst in ballingschap)-ghent-be.
. 9 November 1995 solo exhibition in the Midia hall-arbil-iraqi Kurdistan .
.22 March -8 April 1996 participated with otherBelgium artists in(de gouden pluim)ghent-be
. 24 -28 march 1997 group exhibition (kluren van kirkuk) in \Brussels.
. 24 April-3 May 1998 group exhibition (from kirkuk untill destelbergen) with 4 kurdisch artists in the G.O.C - Destelbergen.be.
.16-24 May 1998 participated with calligraphy works in the galliry of (E.dewulfe) sint-amandsberg-belgium.
. 7 December1999 - 6 febrwary 2000 solo exhibition (oosterse kalligrafie) in unicorn bistro - Gent-be .
.22 Janwary -6 febrwary 2000 participated in the exhibition of (spectraal) de gouden pluim- gent.be.
.12-25 May 2000 solo exhibition in the (geuzen huis)-voem& vermeylen fonds) gent.be.\par
. 28 May -5 June 2000 calligraphic exhebetion orgenaized by (vermeylenkring-nevele &vome
in the (gem .bibiloteek.nevele.
. 13-31 October2000 calligraphy exhibition in mechelen .be( by cif-voem.stad mechelen).
. 17-29 November 2000 2 exhibition for painting & calligraphy works in the (raad zaal) of
Sint - Martens latem by (vermeylen fonds & voem) be.
. 23-29 October 2000 p. with group of a kurdisch artists-(R.S.A)-den haag -nl.
. 25 October 2000 Exhibition with calligraphic works in RUG \endash in gent-be
.21April2001 p.in Exhibition (30 jaar tele onthaal-oost-vl in (de pand) Gent - be.
.1April -30 September 2001 permenen exhibition in the (Riagg Rijmond - noord West) Rotterdam \endash vlaardingen -nl.
. 10 Janewary -14 April 2002 calligraphic exhibition in (plantijn \endash moretius museum-in Antwerp-be
. 4-12 May 2002 calligraphic exhibition in the ( huis thysbaert museum )-lokeren.be.
. 16 July \endash 18 Augustus 2002 his works are sellected for the (kunst salon van gent) sint-pietersabdij-gent-be.
. 22-29 July 2002 p- in the exhibition ( kunst in the geuzenhuis ) - gent.be.
. 7 September-5October 2002 solo Exhibition in the gellery Ezerman- dokkum.nl.
. 24 May -8 June 2003 p. in exhibition (kunst uit 4 continenten) in the (gementemuseum)-temse - be.
. 18-28 March 2005 solo exhibition in the (G.O.C)-destelbergen-be.
. 14 untel 29 Janewary 2006 calligraphic show in the city of Menen (c.c de stieger) be.
. 22 April2006 p-in fistival of (anfal & hallabja never again ).denhaag-holland.
. 17 Juni 2006 collektiv show in the ( kerk asiel \endash gent) belgium.
. 29 June-30Jullay 2006 p. with group graphic artists in gordunahuis ( kvbkb) -gent.be.
.2 september 2006 wel shouw his works with the artist (Leen Helleinckx ) in stekene-belgium.
.01pril -31may 2007 apermenant exhibition in ( volvo cars -gent-belgium)
7,8 and 9 july 2007 particepeat in (kunst op het hof )-kunst en plattalandsroute-meetjesland-kvlv .
4-28 october 2007 calligraphy exhibition in zebrastraat 32 -gent -belgium organaizet b nakhla & anjer vzw .

25-11-07 his work sellected for (50 year vrede )expo-zebrastraat-gent.

22--25 october 07 oneman calligraphy expo( vrede paleis-denhaag-nl with cosmopolis-nl

24-2-08 partisipated in 1st chratv vistival-leiden-nl
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