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azar othman     ئازەر ئوسمان -

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azar othman
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Since my childhood I had not the opportunity to work but I liked drawing and the things concerning that art
I started working at the Institute of Fine Arts in Sulaimany where I initiated my route of working and as my preference abiding to progress further.
I never stopped reading and follow up in order not to reside within a conventional framework or functioning. Rejection never disappoints me from working or hinders my way of working. For me, I believe disappointment and hindrance is ignorance and negligence from the activities and progresses that are going around our globalized world.
Within globalization, all the cultures are equally important for functioning and never distinguish to say our culture or others culture while one is working. Hence, I believe rules don’t exist, and staying within a single site is a difficulty for me.
My blissful and happiest moments are the ones that I’m working since I’m free in my thinking and reflections. Consequently, working is the constant action of creating contacts among people produced in a global world. Every theme is equally significant not giving weight and consideration to merely one.

Education: A graduated at Sulaimany Institute of Fine Arts/ Now I am student in university of fine arts in sulaimanya
Birthplace: Sulaimani
Current Location: Iraq
Email: azar.art AT hotmail.com
Website: www.sulyon.com
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