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Behrooz Gharibpour     بهرووز غه‌ریب پوور -

- Theatr & performing arts.Directors.

Behrooz Gharibpour
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He is born in Sananadaj-Kurdestan province of Iran in 1950 and started the theatre activities in his youth in the same city. He succeeded, as a supervisor and director, to raise the shahab theatre to fame. He could attract many talented and interested people to himself throughout Kordestan. Gharibpour started theatre courses in Tehran University in 1970. He was graduated highly qualified student and got a scholarship to America but it never acquired on him due to political reasons. Behrouz Gharibpour took great measures during his studies in University as a researcher of Iranian Traditional Puppet Theatre, which are as follows: He held many interviews with Iranian Traditional Marionette pioneers and wrote various articles in order to introduce this show art, all of these efforts made him being recognised as a real intimate and the revivalist ot the traditional puppet theatre. It was in these years that Gharibpour was appointed to the first official puppet group, which was directed by Oskar Batek (Czechoslovakian puppet director) He entered in Dramatic Arts Academy in Rome (Silvio Damico) in 1977 were he studied until 1979. He founded Tehran and Esfahan puppet theatre centres and changed the Tehran’s slaughterhouse into the greatest Iran’s Cultural Centre. He made to instruct in various levels and Iran’s University societies as well, he translated many articles and books to promote the knowledge of students and its enthusiastic of puppetry. He has experienced in writing and directorship in fields such as theatre, puppet theatre, cinema, documentary movies, and T.V. He received an honour diploma as brilliant scriptwriter in the field of children and youth by IBBY 2002 (The Hans Christian Andersen Award). In the field of Cinema one of his most important works is the script of Davandeh (Runner). In the field of theatre is “Les Misérables” of Victor Hugo
Birthplace: Sanandaj - Kurdistan
Email: solmaz AT isiran-net.com
Website: makeiteasy.ir/page.aspx?id=16&refresh=1&sid=59&Digest=ka0em+pxLPwEox42/+2PJA
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